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We believe the hiring of people is both definitive and consequential. Every time the Tuccaro Group hires a person it defines what we will achieve in the future. All of our employees have a significant role to play in our future, and it is for that reason that each recruitment decision is consequential.

We say that people are our most important asset. We also say that at the Tuccaro Inc. Group of Companies, our job is to value employees more than they value themselves by supporting individual growth and recognition. We support this through learning and education, by offering diversity and strength through our range of businesses, and by allowing our people to be engaged in growing our business interests for us.

The only limitations that are put on our employees are the ones they impose on themselves.


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 All employees are required to follow a Pre Employment Company process which includes:

  • Panel 5 Drug Test
  • Tuccaro Inc Orientation
  • OSSA
  • CSTS
  • Audiometric Testing



Currently our Group of Companies can offer a variety of positions in the following areas:

  • Heavy Equipment / Mining
  • Construction
  • Reclamation
  • Project Management and Civil Engineering
  • Technical, Chemical and Environmental
  • Technical Mining Operations
  • Transportation and Trucking
  • Equipment Servicing and Maintenance



Our Group offers competitive salaries, wages and benefits that help us recruit, retain and reward our employees. As our companies have grown we have learned that in order to get the best out of our employees we have to establish the right balance between the pursuit of corporate goals and the enjoyment of true quality of life benefits. That's been our focus and after all, it's not all about work.

Although we believe our current benefits package achieves this, we realize that operating in such a dynamic and changing environment we have to review and revise our plan annually to continue to attract the best people to our organization.

The Tuccaro Inc. Group of Companies Compensation and Benefits Package Includes:
For All Employees*: 

  • Competitive base salaries or competitive hourly wages
  • Two to Four weeks annual vacation, based on years of service and position, granted immediately on a pro-rated basis
  • Two additional days off per year as a Northern travel consideration for any Fort McMurray (remote area) based employees
  • Comprehensive benefits for employees and their families, health and dental plans (including 100% prescription drug card coverage), as well as life, dependent life, accident, critical conditions and disability insurance (both Weekly Indemnity and Long Term Disability), and optional extended life benefits coverage
  • Alberta Health Care Coverage
  • Company matching RSP savings plan
  • Preferred Banking Benefits
  • Guaranteed special access to doctors where any new or existing employee is unable to find a local doctor (for both optical and family doctors)
  • Employee Family Assistance Plan (EFAP)

For Salaried Employees:

  • Optional participation in EDO (earned day-off) program allowing an additional 12 days off per year

For Specific Applications:

  • Optical PPE and Clothing Allowance

*Any workers that are employed subject to a collective agreement would be governed by the specific terms and conditions established between the company and the applicable bargaining unit.